NanoSonic's LEED Green Building


Our facility is located within the Wheatland EcoPark, an environmentally-friendly office and light manufacturing industrial park and the first such environmental development in Southwest Virginia. Designed by local firm, Architectural Partners, the building is highly energy-efficient and is a LEED Green Building using LEED NC 2.2 for New Construction. The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building certification program encourages sustainable building and development practices using rating systems that recognize projects that implement strategies for improved environmental and health performance.


NanoSonic uses low impact site development practices and our stormwater is treated naturally, which is especially important in our rural location. All finishes, sealants, coatings and adhesives are low-VOC for improved indoor air quality for a healthier work environment. More than a quarter of the materials in the building contain recycled content and over 10 percent are from local resources less than 500 miles away.

NanoSonic has also incorporated innovative features to support our research, development and manufacturing, that work towards protecting the environment and conserving resources. For example, working closely with local architects, our solar wall is instrumented with our own sensors on the south side of the building enabling us to track how internal and external temperatures affect our HVAC system; our own monitoring system helps us better understand air flow, temperature, light intensity, and power consumption, as well as detect smoke in case of fire.

The south-facing exterior wall of NanoSonic’s main office building is covered with 3,618 square feet of InSpire solar wall panels.

NanoSonic Building