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EKGear Sensor Patch

EKGear Sensor Patch


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EKGear Patches monitor EKG signals without using gels or adhesives. They combine electrical conductivity of metals with mechanical properties of textiles and are available with and without snaps.

NanoSonic has modified its Metal Rubber™ materials technology to create EKGear sensor patches for the monitoring of EKG signals without the need for typical gels or adhesives. The patented technology combines electrical conductivity of metals with the mechanical properties of textiles to allow excellent detection of the electrical potential that drives myocardial contraction. Our EKGear materials can be connected or integrated into projects using conductive epoxy, alligator clips, or rivets of conductive materials. The continuity requires that the connective apparatus is in proper contact with the conductive top layer of the EKGear material.


  • Product lead time is 1 – 2 weeks.
  • Please contact for expedited or international orders
  • International orders have an order minimum of $2,000 (USD) and will be subject to review prior to purchase approval. 

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