NanoSonic Collaboration with OceanFront 3D

NanoSonic, Inc. is excited to announce our collaboration with OceanFront 3D (O3D). Together, we are proud to offer Print Your Part,
with our materials, anywhere.
O3D's President, Hutton Strader, first teamed up with NanoSonic via DARPA funding to demonstrate powerful COVID and flu-killing 3D printed self-decontaminating structures in response to the pandemic. Now, Hutton has taken the concept of mobile 3D printing to the next level by creating a 100% solar-powered portable print station that can be used in any location.

Recently, Hutton demoed his fully self-powered, highly transportable additive manufacturing, repair, and training facility in NanoSonic's parking lot. We are excited to invite you to bring your challenges to us for solutions delivered straight to your doorstep.  Partnering with O3D has allowed NanoSonic to expand our capabilities and offer even more innovative solutions to our clients, and we can't wait to see what challenges we can tackle together."